SUPERKO | Lucas Huang


I'm Lucas.

I'm a frontend developer currently working at The National Film Board of Canada.




As a contributor

NFB Films

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The National Film Board's flagship mobile application. Users can stream films, download films for offline viewing, and cast to AirPlay or ChromeCast devices.

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The National Film Board's main website, featuring a huge streamable catalogue of films (most free, some available for purchase or rental), educational resources for teachers and students, and interactive projects.


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A cross-platform, end-to-end encrypted instant messenger with group chat and file sharing.


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A meditative videogame about birdwatching. Explore a peaceful island and whistle to birds with real-life audio controls.

As a solo author


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An aggregator for Bandcamp albums, allowing you to collect many albums onto a single page and share your collection as a link.

Hide Squad Chat

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Hide Twitch chat when watching a stream in Squad Mode, because you basically never want to see Twitch chat.


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Avoid "time spoilers" when watching (e)sports VODs by hiding the progress bars and duration info on Twitch and YouTube videos.